All about joints

Posted by Steve on Sep 17th 2014

As of late, we’ve seen a lot of questions and confusion about ground joint sizing. Unfortunately, our industry isn’t very descriptive or informative about these issues. Most people learn through exper … read more

How do I measure a downstem?!

Posted by Steve on Aug 7th 2014

Welcome to BakeBros’ first ever blog post. Every week we will be discussing topics near and dear to every smoking connoisseur. If you want to read more helpful tips and tricks every week, be sure to s … read more

How do I choose a waterpipe?

Posted by Steve on Aug 6th 2014

We often get questions from customers about how to choose a waterpipe. Of course, given the breadth of options available this can be a rather difficult question to answer. We’d like to provide everyon … read more