Stay Lit Fruity Bites Delta 8 900 mg

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Our edible bites are the perfect way to enjoy your Staylit Delta8. We have a variety of delicious flavors to choose from. Each confection packs 100mg of potent Delta8.  Our bites are the perfect size to take with you on the go or to enjoy at home.

We recommend eating half a bite at first.


Cookies & Brownies:
50mg Delta 8 per Serving (1/2 piece)
100mg Delta 8 per Piece
1000mg Delta 8 per Bag

20 Servings/10 Pieces per Bag

Fruity & Crispy Bites:
37.5mg Delta 8 per Serving (1/2 piece)
75mg Delta 8 per Piece
900mg Delta 8 per Bag

24 Servings/12 Pieces per Bag