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Empire Glassworks Mini Rig - Strawberry Cough Shampoo

Empire Glassworks Mini Rig - Strawberry Cough Shampoo

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The Empire Glassworks Strawberry Cough Shampoo Mini Rig measures 6" tall and features a delightful tear-free 2-in-1 shampoo design that is fun to play with and combats stress. Expertly handmade in the USA by lampworking in fine detail with American Glass rods. 


  • 6" (15.24cm) water pipe
  • Authentic Empire Glassworks
  • American Glass
  • Strawberry Cough shampoo design
  • Intricate lampwork
  • Made in the USA

Empire Glassworks

Empire was established in 2013 and is a group of glass artists and owners with over 40 years of glass crafting experience. Only the finest glass from Europe and the United States is used in the production of these glass pipes. Pieces are carefully made and cooled slowly to make them strong & durable and bring out the rich color characteristics. 

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