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Neometrx Pure Detox Cleanser Women's Formula Cranberrt Lemonade 20 Fl Oz

Neometrx Pure Detox Cleanser Women's Formula Cranberrt Lemonade 20 Fl Oz

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Neometrx Pure Detox Cleanser Women's Formula Cranberrt Lemonade 20 Fl Oz

Women have more body fat and are typically harder to detoxify.  This potent easy to use liquid drink is specially formulated to cleanse women, focusing on harder to reach areas to help women achieve a full and successful cleansing experience.

For over 20 years, millions of satisfied customers have enjoyed the peace of mind that comes with using our ready to drink formulas for people with immediate cleansing needs, high to extremely high toxin levels and weigh over 240 pounds.

PURE DETOX Maximum Strength Women’s Detox – Suggestions For Use:

  • Follow these steps to ensure your satisfaction:
  • Drink the entire contents of the bottle. Wait 15 minutes, fill the bottle with water and drink at a comfortable yet consistent pace.
  • Pure Detox starts to work immediately. Your cleansing and detoxification process has begun!
  • Be sure to urinate frequently. 3 or 4 normal urination’s after consuming are required to eliminate toxins.
  • The beneficial results of this product should last for up to 6 hours.

Get the Most Out of Your Women’s Detox Cleanse with These Important Tips:

  • In the two or three days prior to using Pure Detox try to drink about 1 gallon of water or green tea per day.
  • Avoid taking OTC drugs, large quantities of vitamins or acidic liquids such as coffee, vinegar and fruit juices.
  • Avoid nicotine and caffeine and other unwanted toxins prior to use of this product.
  • Do not eat large meals before using the product.

Once you’ve completed these easy steps simply relax…you have purchased the best cleansing product on the market. Our formulations and products have been used by millions of people who are serious about cleansing and detoxification.

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