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Vapir Rise 2.0 Ultimate Vaporizer Quad Exhaust Group Vape Dry Herb Black Gray

Vapir Rise 2.0 Ultimate Vaporizer Quad Exhaust Group Vape Dry Herb Black Gray

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Looking for a more affordable desktop vaporizer? There’s finally one on the market, and it’s the Vapir Rise Vaporizer! This sleek piece of equipment will look great sitting on your table, and best of all, it’s super adaptable to fit all your needs. Whether you’re vaping with friends or solo, whether you prefer dry herb or concentrates—this vaporizer covers it all. It’s extremely easy to operate too! So for the times when you’re not on the go, the Vapir Rise is a great option.

New Features in the Rise 2.0

Vapir has improved the Rise to make it more versatile and efficient than before. Now, you can choose a No Fan mode if you don’t want the forced-air function. This allows you to take your time and have a slower, more casual vape session. Vapir also changed the temperature abilities: now, the Rise goes all the way up to 420 degrees F for those who enjoy high-temp vaping. Plus, the new version is easier to clean.

Use It with Dry Herb, Waxes, or Oils

The Vapir Rise comes with several adapters, including ones for dry herb and concentrates. They’re simple to use and snap into the body of the vaporizer with ease. You can switch between dry herb and oil settings in a matter of seconds.

Whip or Balloon Mode

The Vapir Rise kit includes a clear silicone tube with mouthpieces as well as clear balloons. Choose whichever mode you prefer! The balloon mode comes with a high-quality valve system that keeps the vapor in the bag until the moment you’re ready to inhale it.

Super-Fast Heat-Up Time and Quiet Operation

This unit is capable of heating up in under a minute, even if you’re on a high temperature setting! This is great if you’re in a hurry or just impatient. Plus, it operates quietly, even when the fan is on. Turning the fan off allows you to go into super stealth mode!

Intuitive Touch Screen

There’s an easy-to-use touch screen control system for the temperature, fan speed, and heat. You can turn the temperature display to Fahrenheit or Celsius. The buttons are all easy to see, even in the dark, with their cool blue backlight. Just use the (+) and (-) arrows to easily turn the temperature and fan up and down. The current setting will show up on the LCD backlight display to let you know exactly what temperature you’re at. You can change your temperature by the degree, allowing you to hone in on the exact temp you want!

Multi-User Adapter

You’ll be so excited to get your Vapir Rise that you’ll want to throw a party, and good news: you and your friends can use it at the same time! The multi-user adapter allows you to attach up to 4 silicone tubes at the same time. Each tube has its own on/off valve so that everyone can control their own vapor.

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