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Easy Vape Digital V 5 Vaporizer Dry Herb Red

Easy Vape Digital V 5 Vaporizer Dry Herb Red

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The dry herb vaporizer has been recognized as one of the simplest devices to use and is recommended for both beginners and advanced vape users. When someone is starting their vaping journey, they will be advised to get this vaporizer to learn how to use it. 

Features of the Easy Vape 5

  • You get digital LCD display that shows you the settings, temperature and amount of charge left in the pen
  • The device has a 5 button control that makes it easy to use
  • The ceramic heating elements have been made to be compatible with the pen to provide efficient heating
  • There is a quick heating up time that efficiently burns the dry herbs to be ready for a session
  • There is a hands free connection that makes the vaporizer a portable desktop vaporizer
  • Strong battery that holds power for long and can be used for group sessions
  • The device is available in  a variety of colors that users can choose from

Design and quality of the easy vaporizer tool

The easy vaporizer takes one of the most unique designs you could ever see in a vape pen. The vaporizer has been built to look different from the cylindrical design vape kits we see around.

This device could have gotten its shape from the motive of trying to get a cheaper vape device. The pen from its exterior design was made to look like a budget vape pen and does not really have any unique features but it is fully functional. 

Kit accessories you will find

  • 1 x 18mm hands free glass wand
  • 1 x 30 inches surgical grade tube
  • 1 x glass mouthpiece
  • 1 x stainless steel screen

How to use the easy 5 vaporizer

To turn on the device to be powered, you will press on the power button and press on the set button to start the preheat feature that warms up the device. The temperature controls provided can be used to adjust the temperature and it is important that you remember to start from lower temperatures as you move to higher voltages to avoid burning out your dry herbs

You need to warm up your vaporizer for a few minutes, but not more than five minutes before you embark on your vape session. As you wait for the device to heat up, you need to be in the process of grinding your herbs to perfection.

This vaporizer only works with dry herbs and before you load your chambers, you need to ensure that you have achieved the finest ground. This is good for allowing air to pass through

When you get to the final process of loading up your chamber, pack the grounded powder lightly to avoid getting to tight. Attach the heating element on the vaporizer and try twisting upside down to make sure that your powder has been efficiently held in place.

This could be very odd for a new user but that is how the device has been designed which means you need to get used to it as you use the kit. 

Performance of the easy 5 vape pen

Compared to the earlier versions of this vaporizer, it seems that there is a difference in performance. The older kits had a lot of problems when it comes to burning herbs and you could even get some unfavorable temperatures even if you set a constant temperature.

When using the easy 5 vape, you will find that your substances are burnt evenly and there is no chance of getting burnt hits.



If you find that your vaporizer does not give enough vapor, you can switch the heat up using the setting buttons provided on the vaporizer tool.The possibility of your vaporizer heating up well depends on the quality of the herbs and also the possibility of the tool burning up at certain temperature settings. You therefore need to carry out experiments and see the best options for you. 

For the price tag on this tool, you do not get so much of extra accessories. The only things you get is a mouthpiece, a vaporizer tool and a single screen with a tube. The screens need to be replaced frequently and that is why they are available in various packs at an affordable price. 

How to prepare your Easy Vape kit 

There are a few steps that you need to follow to keep your pen ready for use.

  • The vaporizer will not function without a fuse mounted onto it so you need to insert a 2amp fuse into the fuse port at the back of the vaporizer
  • Using the activation knob, turn the device on and place it in a well-ventilated area to avoid suffocation and air insufficiency
  • Set your temperatures to the highest temperature setting to turn on the warming up feature. You will need to let the vape pen run at the highest temperature settings for 15 minutes to get rid of any residue that is left in your chambers. 

Pros and cons of the Easy Vape 5 


  • You get a five year warranty when the pen gets defective
  • The device uses a whip style operation that is very different from the most recent balloon bag technology
  • You can see as your herbs gets vaporized giving you a more satisfactory look
  • Temperature control function lets you control the amount of vapor that your device can put out. 
  • The Easy Vape5 has one of the lowest price tags you could ever get on a dry herb vaporizer of its kind
  • The digital read-out temperature is good for controlling the temperatures sufficiently
  • The craftsmanship used on this device is sturdy and looks very compact

Cons of the Easy Vape 5 

  • The design might be unique but it looks so bland and vague
  • It can be at times hard to load the chamber without having a few spillages that make it dirty



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