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Heli Tox Hair Cleansing Detox Shampoo Unflavored 2 Fl Oz

Heli Tox Hair Cleansing Detox Shampoo Unflavored 2 Fl Oz

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What is a Detox Shampoo? 

Detox shampoo is a shampoo or hair product that removes all forms of toxins and metabolites trapped in the core of your hair shaft. Hair detox shampoos contain cleaning properties that help to detoxify the impurities that will give you away during a test. 

Hair follicle shampoos for detoxifying hair penetrate the deepest layers of the hair shaft, seeking for toxins, then break them for easy wash off. The process can take up to two hours to completely remove all traces of illicit substances from the root of your hair shaft. 

What Is It For?

Hair detox is used for dissolving and eliminating toxins that are hiding in your hair follicles. Detoxifying shampoos also perform the functions of regular shampoos like removing dirt, oil, debris, and odors from the hair, making your hair cleaner while improving the scalp’s health. 

If you have been asked to take a test, several strands of your hair will be taken from your head as a sample and will be sent to the lab for analysis to check for the history the follicle over the last three months. You can use hair follicle shampoo to cleanse and remove the toxins from your hair shaft. 

Not every detox shampoo is effective enough to clean the deepest layer of your hair shaft. So many so-called detox shampoos out there on the market can only cleanse the outer layer of your hair. You can get some of the best hair detox shampoos from reputable online stores like Smoke Tokes.


  • Maintain Good Hygiene

Even if you just want clean hair, you can use detox shampoo to improve your hair hygiene. Hair detox shampoo will keep your hair clean and strong, which enhances the overall condition and health of your hair. 

  • Cleaner Follicles

Having clean follicles is an essential requirement for healthy hair. As you continue to use different hair products, dead cells and toxins begin to buildup on your hair shaft. This causes an overly oily appearance and slowing the growth of your hair. Hair follicle shampoos help to remove and cleanse the hair scalp of toxins, dirt, and oils that have accumulated over time, giving you cleaner follicles.

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